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Automatic doors
Sliding door operator ES 200
The DORMA ES 200 is an elegant and functional unit that has been designed to meet the requirements of every automatic sliding door application. The DORMA ES 200 is a completely redesigned sliding door operator that encompasses:

A stylish and modern cover design that features clean contours and perforated end caps to complement your design scheme.

A choice of three cover sizes which allow greater flexibility to suit your  application,from 100 - 200mm cover.

A new motor that ensures a virtually silent operation.

A new microprocessor that automatically controls the opening and closing speeds of the door, ensuring the highest possible safety at all times.

New rollers combine with the microprocessor give our smoothest ever automatic door.
A new electric lock with a self-testing function that ensures the doors are always secure.
A new energy saving power unit.
New programming functions allowing for quick and simple installation, set-up and maintenance.

The DORMA ES 200 is offered in four different versions:
Sliding door operator ES 200 Easy
Sliding door operator ES 200
Sliding door operator for emergency exits ES 200-2D
Telescopic sliding door operator ES 200 T

DORMA CS 80 MAGNEO Sliding Door Operator
Behind DORMA’s award winning Contur design, lies the advanced magnetic technology for sliding doors and this serves as the basis for the new “Low Energy Mode” CS 80 MAGNEO. Thanks to this mode, sliding doors can now for the first time dispense with the use of safety sensors as the door operates within sensible energy ranges. The result: an extremely elegant visual appearance in combination with “SoftMotion” safety ensuring the door will stop and reverse its cycle on light contact. You can combine this system with glass or wooden doors with a total weight of 80kg.

Features include: low-energy quiet operation, soft-motion safety, locking function, push & go, motion detectors, remote control actuation, and permanent open or manual functions. And thanks to the “plug & go” feature, not just the first installations, but any upgrades can be easily managed.

The automatic system is especially suitable as:
- a dividing door in clinical practices, law firms or offices
- access in hygienically-sensitive sanitary areas (catering, dental etc)
- a passageway to the kitchen, in private homes, hotel rooms and restaurants

See the Innovative Features and Benefits of MAGNEO below:
NEW: Locking function
NEW: DORMA matt stainless steel design
Magnetic drive technology - ensures safe, reliable and wear-resistant operation
Low-Energy operation and minimal energy consumption (the unit draws no power when in the closed position)

DORMA Contur Design (Red Dot Design Award)
Optional DORMA Manet glass fixings (Red Dot Design Award)
Operates glass, wooden or metal doors up to 80kg
Slim, compact housing of 75mm H x 60mm D.
Comes in 3 optional max door widths: 875mm / 1,000mm / 1,125mm
Comes in 3 optional operator lengths: 1,750mm / 2,000mm / 2,250mm

Push Button or Clean Scan

The CS 80 MAGNEO is activated via pushbutton in an easy and comfortable way and closes the door automatically after the user has passed through. A Clean Scan switch can also be used for hygienic applications.
Motion Detection

The CS 80 MAGNEO can also be activated via radar motion detector – so that the door opens and closes automatically when someone approaches.
Remote Control

Magneo can be accessed via a hand held remote control.
Auto Switch

A transponder, carried by persons accessing the door system, will activate the door automatically without having to perform any action.

The door will open automatically as soon it is slightly pushed in the open direction by hand and will close automatically on expiry of the hold open time, which can be adjusted to the prevailing requirements.
Manual Access

The CS 80 MAGNEO is an automatic operator, however, the door can easily be opened and closed by hand – even in the event of a power failure.
Soft-Motion Safety

Thanks to the sensitive driving behaviour of this Low-Energy unit, the Magneo system does not require additional safety sensors.An ostruction will activate the "soft-motion" safety feature - driving the door into the open position before repeating the closing cycle again.
Permanent Open

The CS 80 MAGNEO holds the door in open position for a desired period of time. The on/off switch for this function is located on the side of the unit.
CS 80 MAGNEO is a complete unit – just install it and switch it on. The system is operated with 230-V standard power supply. Reliable, with a minimum of maintenance effort – and easy to upgrade.
Telescopic sliding doors DORMA TST / FTST
The DORMA TST range of automatic telescopic sliding doors offers great flexibility in design where a wide opening door is required but the space available is limited. Like all DORMA automatic doors, the range is highly reliable and has been designed with special attention to the users convenience and safety. The TST range includes:

DORMA FTST-R, an automatic sliding door of standard frame panels for emergency exits and escape routes.

DORMA TST-G, an automatic telescopic sliding door of fine-framed panels, providing a 'all-glass' appearance.

DORMA TST-G ISO, an offers the same features as the TST-G but is constructed with double glazing.

DORMA TST-R, an automatic sliding door with standard frame panels
Curved sliding doors DORMA BST / FBST SPECIAL LINE
DORMA BST automatic curved sliding doors are the suitable application to render your entrances both intersting and individual. The doors can be designed as outwardly or inwardly curved semi-circles and segments, as full-circle configurations, as oval and double-segment units, or as tailored constructions using any combination of these basic shapes.

The door systems are manufactured as either concave or convex assemblies. Coordinated with the architectural concept of the overall building, DORMA BST automatic curved sliding doors can be designed either as noticeable features or architecturally coordinated to harmonise with the overall styling of the facade.

Space-saver doors DORMA RST
DORMA RST space-saving doors are true to their name. They are designed so that the door leaves perform a swivel motion in the smallest of spaces. As a result, the clear passage width of a space-saving door is not much less than the overall structural width of the doorway. As with all automatic doors made by DORMA, the company's RST space-saving doors excel in terms of their fast, smooth, quiet operation and user-friendliness.

The self-learning microprocessor control meets a wide range of functional requirements, offers maximum reliability and, in conjunction with a comprehensive array of safety devices and features, ensures maximum safety. Thanks to their design, DORMA RST space-saving doors can often be employed in emergency exits and escape routes without any further measures being required (but only for clear passage widths beyond 900 mm).
Swing door operator ED 100
The electromechanical swing door operator is suitable for doors with a weight of up to 100 kg and a door width of 1,100 mm. It may be installed as push-version with standard arm and as pull-version with slide channel. Apart from the extended cover, DORMA also provides an easy-to-install integrated door coordinator for double leaf doors. With the aid of the DORMA Upgrade Card, the system’s functional range may be adapted to various door versions. The slimline unit offers a range of operating modes which enable the door to be opened under power when required and used as a conventional manual swing door at all other times.

We have attached particular importance to using less material and have managed to reduce the required material by almost 40% compared to our previous generation of electro hydraulic door operators. The lower weight and the integrated wind load control system have a positive effect on the shipping of the goods and loss of warm and cold air of a building. Both reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Wind load control prevent loss of warm and cold air
The TMP, Temperature Management Program extend the life cycle of the operator, tested for 1.000.0000 cycles.

Easy manual opening
Low-noise electromechanical operatorbr
Standards: DIN 18650, DIN 18263-4, EN 1154, ANSI 156.10, ANSI 156.19, BS7036
Revolving door KTV Secure
Modern and versatile thanks to its various functions
The DORMA KTV Secure is excelled by its high flexibility. It is available as a 3 or 4 wing version. Each of these versions provides special features such as the possibility to achieve clear passage heights of up to 4,000 mm. The KTV Secure also offers various functions, ranging from any form of access control system, activated from the entry or exit side to a Shock-Stop function. All in all the KTV Secure is a complete and customisable system: It provides designers with a variety of choices, is produced for ease of installation and maintenance and offers users the benefit of uninterrupted traffic flow.
Revolving door KTC-3 / KTC-4
Contemporary entrance applications - DORMA Comfortline revolving doors
Wherever central entrances of buildings have to handle heavy traffic volumes, where ease of use is paramount and where architecturally refined façades require an equally attractive complement, the DORMA Comfortline range of revolving doors provides the perfect application.

Superb user convenience
KTC revolving doors are characterised by their especially generous diameters – ranging from 3,600 to 6,200 mm. The automatic program modes can be selected in accordance with different usage requirements. This ensures optimum ease of use with access effectively aligned also to the requirements of the disabled. Even the high traffic volumes that can occur in peak periods are handled by these doors without difficulty. In addition, the pivot-mounted wings will fold out in any position to provide a clear escape route.

Optimum cost efficiency
KTC revolving doors protect the building interior reliably against draughts, noise and dirt. The overall concept and the sophisticated detail applications of the KTC program range contribute to the optimisation of the building energy balance. Modern safety and security aspects have been taken fully into account. Various night shields are also available as an option.

Flexible applications with respect to design
The design versatility and variability of the KTC range provides for enormous architectural scope. Co-ordinated materials and surface finishes enable the door to be harmonised with virtually any façade concept. The centre axle of the 3- and 4-wing revolving doors can also be utilised as a showcase. This means that, right at the entrance of the building, an attractive display can be provided as the first thing visitors see.
Folding doors DORMA FFT / FFT-F
Where the door opening is narrow or where there is not much depth available - or both - DORMA Automatic Bi-Folding Doors may well be the suitable application. They ensure maximum utilisation of structural widths - with clear passage widths of almost the same dimension. They do not swing out when opened and their depth is only a quarter of the clear passage width.

The DORMA Automatic Bi-Folding Door range includes not only FFT standard doors but also FFT-F doors for emergency exits and escape routes. The system offers a wide range of sizes to ensure maximum cost-efficiency for each individual application. The doors are supplied ready for installation and can be installed and commissioned by a DORMA team if required.
Swing door operator ED 200
As a powerful automatic electro-hydraulic swing door operator, the DORMA ED 200 is suitable for large and heavy doors. It can be adapted to a wide range of applications and mounting requirements. The cover can be extended to the full door width providing an optical elegant solution. Double-leaf doors may also be equipped with an integrated door coordinator (ED 200 ESR) which, when viewed from the outside, is concealed behind the cover.

Quick and easy mounting
Reliable function even in the case of heavy duty doors
Integrated door coordinator for double leaf doors.
Standards: DIN 18650, DIN 18263-4, EN 1154, ANSI 156.10, BS 7036